ghosts of capitalism past, present and yet to come: the plan

This is the chapter plan of the book I am working on at the moment. The guiding idea is to trace interactions between capitalist development and ethical, spiritual, religious, utopian imaginaries which inform that development, reflect it, inflect it, are evoked by it etc. Among the ghosts conjured up here are Weber’s famous Protestant-induced “spirit of capitalism” and its younger sibling, Colin Campbell’s Romantic “spirit of modern consumerism”. There is also the haunting ghosts of original accumulation – like the ghost of colonialism still waiting for a second burial. And there are the spirits of possible futures – utopias of a libertarian/socialist transcendence, but also the already tried, tested and failed dystopias of totalitarian transcendence. The theoretical background is to be a transformative dialogue between Weberian and Marxian traditions. Their respective Euro-centrism will be challenged by introducing, in all three sections, a non-Western perspective, namely a Turkish one.

I have linked up related blog posts and other papers under the chapter headings. These are glimpses into what informs my thinking on these subjects. Some of them already anticipate the book chapters while others are only loosely connected. I will keep them updated as I go along.

(0) Introduction: The Reality of Ghosts – a Materialist View

glimpses: Benjamin Franklin as ghostin-betweenness, vestibules, rhizomes, in-between: Ibn Arabi and Georg SimmelNames, Mystics, and Consumer Immortality

I Spirited Capitalism

(1) Inspiring Capitalism: the Protestant Ethic and Base/Superstructure Reloaded

glimpses: Marx/Weber/Darwinelective affinities & base/superstructure, spirit of capitalism and fordist daydreams, snippet on base/superstructure, base/superstructure: Gramsci on Berlusconi, Religionen als Weichensteller der Geschichte

(2) Inspiring Consumerism: the Romantic Ethic and the Structural Romanticism of Money

glimpses: the eccentricity of the romantic consumer: campbell, simmel, and plessnerRousseau the Puritan?Consumer eccentricity and subjectivity fetishThe Ancient Mariner Goes HollywoodConsumer Daydreams and Kierkegaard’s Sickness unto Death,

(3) Anatolian Sufi Capitalism – From Islamic Calvinists to Consumer Islam

glimpses: The Sufi ethics and the spirits of consumerism: A preliminary suggestion for further researchSufi dream cinemaSufi urbanism – Rumi and Marx against the idiocy of rural life…Futuwwah and the value of a pennysufi and cinematic imaginationCommerce of the Soul – a Mevlevi lineIslamisation as Westernisation?Pokémon, Islam, Consumerism, Israel, and the Cult of the Individual (in no particular order)

II Haunted Capitalism/Ghosts of Original Accumulation

(4) Postcolonial Angst and Ethical Consumption (Ghosts of Empire)

glimpses: The Fear of the Fairtrade Consumer – An Informed Guess on a Form of Consumer Anxiety, Post-colonial Guilt and Anti-conquest,  “Die Moralisierung des Konsums ist von Furcht getrieben.” – Fair Trade und die postkolonialen Statusängste von Konsumenten., Consuming the campesino: fair trade marketing between recognition and romantic commodificationEthical Consumption: The Case of Fair TradeThe Sign of the Broken Sword and Persistent Lore of Empire: Chesterton’s condemnation of colonialist immorality and defence of postcolonial hypocrisy, Master Detective & Race

(5) Inequality and Violence in the City (Ghosts of Enclosure)

glimpses: Veblen’s Labor Day, money-recognition (Adorno/Horkheimer)Veblen in the Inner City: Sense of Entitlement and the Normality of Looting – A Reply to Iain Duncan SmithReciprocity, Recognition and Labor Value: Marx’s Incidental Moral Anthropology of Capitalist Market ExchangeWaste, Industry and Romantic Leisure: Veblen’s Theory of Recognition,

(6) Wounds of Accelerated Development (Ghosts of Empire and Republic – the Case of Turkey)

glimpses: Süleymaniyye in Londonİnce Memed and Paternalism

III Whistful Capitalism/Dreaming Post-Capitalist Futures

(7) Dreaming the Absolute – Totalitarian Nightmares

glimpses: Stromlinienlimousine, Geneva to Moscow, totalitarian potential in Gramsci?, White Rose antifascist globalismThe fatal attraction of Jacobinism: Žižek as RobespierreThe Lego Movie as Consumer-Capitalist Myth: The Cultural Tragedy of Production and the Expropriation of the Brickolariat, Consumerism into Fascism? Part 2: The Chesterton SlideDon Camillo and Peppone Reloaded: Father Brown and Comrade Slavoj

(8) Dreaming in the Subjunctive – Libertarian-Socialist Implications of Advanced Consumer Capitalism

glimpses:Towards a Consumerist Critique of Capitalism (and a Socialist Defence of Consumer Culture),  consumerism into fascism (part 1), Le nez rouge de DurkheimBecoming vs Being – Towards an anti-Heideggerian and post-Platonic Ontology of Fashion – A Preliminary NoteStonier’s “microelectronic revolution” – a forgotten concept?socialism and consumer choice,

(9) The General Intellect in Action: Gezi and the Summer of ‘13

glimpses: consumerism as folk religion?Ziya Gökalp, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the two Emile Durkheims,

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